Where did I put the # @🔪☁ 💣 !️ 🦴 ☠️ North Pole?

Where did I put the # @🔪☁ 💣 !️ 🦴 ☠️ North Pole?

Photo by Ergo Zakki on Unsplash

Big decision: I did the Mindvalley Certified Business Coach program. Whaaaat? Another program? How much did you spend on that one? Will you finish it this time? Blah blah blah.

Why would I, the owner of an IT service company, take such a shift?

I’ve been looking for ways to work with people, not machines, mainly because I wanted to help them move forward in their businesses and lives.

It became a quest, so it should have a beginning and an end.

I wish I had thought about that years ago. The opening was pretty easy, however. Kind of “Let’s go, shall we?”

So, the resounding question is: When does it end?

You’re the Hero when you ask yourself that question, and you’ve just invented your own Holy Grail! And you will go through all the phases of a Hero’s Journey.

Lord of the Ring kind of movie? Three movies? You don’t need to decide now. I am just kidding.

Wait a sec. Oh, of course, you know there’s a catch!

No one told you? Come on!

Who is your Peter Jackson? Yes! Every single movie has a Director.

You started your “The Life of Me, Hero” movie but didn’t think about the Director. Well, my friend, let’s see what Your Box Office says. Not the forecast, and be sincere and honest on that one. How did it go?

Chances are satisfaction is yet to come. Am I right? I know. I did it. No Director. Naah. I don’t need one. I’m good.

And you shot the first scene on day one? Way to go! Costumes, makeup, extras, etc., can wait. The script? Oops! I forgot the script. Unless you’re a champion improviser, that’s a big one.

I know I did that, the Unscripted Director’s cut. The “Unscripted Life of Me, Hero” movie. A rookie mistake -easy to say today. I wished I knew better.

But I took the Journey, so, Game on!

Excuse me? Gotta a little question for ya: Who’s in charge of bringing the public? The audience? Spectators? Movie raving fans? PR? Marketing? Tickets? Money?

Photo by Tyler Callahan on Unsplash

What? Money? Ok. Next!

I’m wondering if I ever missed any mistakes in the entrepreneurial world.

In the meantime, times flew at high speed, and the results were a long shot. Oh, money? Well, with a movie, you spend money first. Then it’s coming to a theater near you, and Tadaaa!

Mmmmh! Ok, there were a few ways to enhance the casting with a Vivid Version of Ms. Money .. Penny.

I wouldn’t say I liked that part of the movie. Especially when I realized years were gone. And if I felt good about every opportunity I’ve had to help somebody, I was not even close to the worst version of what my business should be.

Doubt, the silent killer, came by far too often.

I mourned my courage, creativity, and faith in my future. And I sadly let anxiety, embarrassment, sadness, discouragement, and loneliness take over.

Cut! Good one, we keep it! We’ll see some tears in the audience with that. Great job!

No. I mean it, it’s been that bad.

Anxiety came in various forms. The most common was, “Is this the end? Nothing is ever going to work again?”

My terrible version of Lord Sidious, Doubt, used to whisper, “It’s over. Game over. You’re not good enough! Resurrection is not for you, my friend, you’re dead, but you didn’t realize it. Yet. Give up! Take that ridiculous amount and retire far away in a mountain cave.”

I am not exaggerating any of it. I couldn’t believe how fast my mind was building these horror movie scenes in my head! I woke up with crazy anxiety and sweat, usually at 3 or 4 am.

Could it be a simple digestive problem?

No comments.

Photo by David Knox on Unsplash

I’ve spent a fortune on training, online courses, books, lives, plane tickets, hotels, conferences, webinars -you name it — a desperate quest for purpose and meaning.

I kept thinking, “Where am I going?” I had no clue, and it was painful.

April 2022, back to the Mindvalley Certified Business Coach program, brilliantly led by Master Coach Jan Foo, we started an exercise about the vision. The Vivid Vision.

The first two questions were about your GPS. Where are you? Where do you want to be?

Photo by Thierry Mazué on GPS Unleashed.

Honestly, I’ve always gone brain-blank with that one, and it’s been my main thing these past years.

I may sound like I’m joking and that it was a fun ride because my goal is not to make you cry, but take my word for it; it still freaks me out.

Here’s the problem! I get it, now.

What took you so long? Mmmh brain-shh…tuff?

In the Red Ocean of consulting and coaching businesses, how will I find my Blue Ocean? How do I meet the people I’m supposed to help? How do I know their struggles, how to help them, and have a rock solid idea about the results they can produce by working with me?

All of this making competition irrelevant?

Breathe in — 4, 3, 2, 1 — Breathe out — 4, 3, 2, 1 — Repeat 4 times.

Here we go. Here’s the way out:

First, chill out with clarity. It’s the painless no-pill cure to know where you are and where you want to go, even if you have a track record of success. (Go-getters: Do it! Now! It’s a big win.)

About clarity: It didn’t come fast enough for me. I got nervous with this exercise. Over + Thinking, too much. I know. Sorry about that.

I completed the exercise.

What’s next? It is what’s next: That piece I’ve been waiting to write for over five years now and never dare to do it.

STOP IT! Or I’ll burry you alive in a box (Thank you, Bob, for that one.)

How did you do that?

  1. I told my fear: It’s ok, I got this, we’re cool
  2. Did my Magical Square Thing
  3. The noise went down inside my head
  4. Creativity came
  5. I typed what was coming

That’s all. (Note: could I have added ‘Folks’ here?)

A special thank you for the inspiration to Jan Foo and Pia Crofton

If it takes all a village to raise a kid, I believe I just found mine!